Being a mom is wonderful. It is a very challenging role yet a fulfilling one. Even though you like being a mom and would not change it for the world, you still need to find balance in your life as a mother. This is especially true for moms who are working from home.

Finding the time for yourself might be impossible, especially during these times, but spending time for yourself is not only important to you but for your family as well. Self-care is essential for you to eb a healthy mom to your children and to your whole family.

Here are some tips on how you can have your “Me Time


Maybe you already have a planner that contains your to-do list. Do not forget to schedule a time that you give to yourself. You can start by giving an hour a week to yourself for your me-time. You can spend it by doing a workout, go to a nearby cafe or just chill and do nothing. You have to make sure that you schedule it to get it done. Whether you think you need it or not, schedule an hour or two for yourself every week.

Find a time-saving strategy to prepare meals

If you can plot out a week or a month’s menu, that would be perfect, right. However, even making that takes so much time, a time you usually don’t have. What you can do is make large batches of meals if you have enough time and keep them in the freezer. You can get it out and reheat it for hectic days.

Perhaps you can ask your partner to take turns on meal planning, grocery shopping and even cooking. If you don’t have time to make a quick grocery trip, then you can take advantage of grocery delivery services. MAking use of this service can ease some burdens, particularly on very busy days.

Indulge in nature

Nature gives that sense of renewal and calmness through its visual and sound. It doesn’t mean you have to go to the ocean or the mountain to embrace nature. You can even do it in your own backyard. If the weather permits, take your kids outside and stay there for a while. Watching your kids play with their toys, such as games cube in your garden, can give you a sense of relaxation, and you’ll feel refreshed. If there is a botanical garden near your place, visit it and soak up the fresh air.

Get out

Going out is the best way to get quality for yourself. You can get a hobby, join a yoga class, meet with your friends or just leave the house and go for a run. Get a babysitter or have some relative to watch over your kids for you to do this. Having alone time can be very beneficial for you.

Know your trigger

You probably can tell what irritates you. If you begin to feel irritated, stop what you are doing and then think about what needs to be done to ease your irritation. Perhaps you need to drink a glass of water, get something to eat or get some sleep. Determine what time of the day you feel more challenged and come up with a plan to fix some trouble during these times. It can be calling a friend to talk for a few minutes while your children play, stay away from your computer for a moment and just breathe or take a quick nap. Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed, stop for a moment and try to relax. Sometimes, all you need is a quick break to lift your energy and your spirit.